My Mom Pushed Me to Get Some Proper Help

I woke up one morning and found myself struggling to get out of bed. After dealing with back problems for so many years, I knew the day would finally come where I couldn’t sit up or stand up on my own. I laid in bed for awhile thinking about what to do. I tried several different ways to get up, but it turned out to be impossible. I was finally able to slide over to the edge to reach my phone to call my mom. She came over immediately, and she suggested a Sacramento chiropractor right away. She had begged me to get help in the past, but I stuck to my guns and did what I wanted to. Doing that got me nowhere, and I was getting worse. Continue reading →

The Importance Of The Perfume Bottle

A perfume bottle can mean many things to many people. But in business terms perfume bottles can make or break your products success. Some people may think that it is a minor detail in the big picture, a mere feather in the crown of the booming perfume industry. But there is truly so much more to perfume bottles than just what meets the eye.

At its most basic, a perfume bottle is a mere receptacle. Most people would agree that “it’s what’s inside that counts.” This is true. But even if you have the best quality of product in any form, if it is encapsulated in grime or an unattractive container, no one will buy it. In order for a perfume to smell good, it has to look good first.

The perfume bottle is the initiator of customer loyalty. Before the customer sprays some liquid on his or her pulse points or sniffs the aroma in the air, he or she will first have to be attracted to the perfume bottle’s design.

Perfume bottles communicate different moods. Formal people will enjoy rigid designs and subtle classic colors, whilst younger females are more likely to love those in bright pinks and voluptuously shaped containers.

The bottle must not just represent the company which made the perfume, it must also mirror the target market’s desires and aspirations. You cannot expect a perfume bottle designed for corporate people to be something that will get the teenager’s attention. Nor can you expect pastel-colored and eccentrically shaped perfume bottles to generate the approving eye of more conservative groups.

Placing the bottle amidst a sea of others in a department store or A-line boutique is like entering your perfume in a beauty pageant, and rooting for it to garner first place in the hearts of perfume aficionados. The perfume bottle is the ambassadress of the perfume brand. It will represent not just one product, but the entire line of products that are associated with who produced that perfume bottle’s contents.

Nonetheless, a perfume bottle is still a receptacle, so it must also maintain its functionality despite all the variations it can come in. A strong base to keep it standing and some symmetry and material that will preserve the scent for prolonged storage periods is also something that customers will want to see.

The Shanghai Girls Advertising Posters

“The Shanghai Girls” is a term for a particular style of advertising from the 1920’s and 1930’s that depicted very modern, beautiful women from Shanghai, China. These posters advertised a wide variety of products, including cigarettes, gum, batteries, perfume, medicine and many others. Shanghai experienced a population boom in the 1920’s, when thousands of Russians and Jewish immigrants fled the Soviet Union after World War I. By the early 1930’s, Shanghai had become the world’s fifth largest city, and was the residence of approximately 100,000 foreigners. The eyes of the world were on the city, and Shanghai became known as the “news capital of China” due to an increased world interest in the Far East and mounting concern regarding the West’s relations with Japan. The intrigue regarding this distant land may have influenced the incredible popularity of the Shanghai Girls’ ads of the early 20th century. Shanghai was also known to be a pioneer in the fashion industry, and the Shanghai Girls were considered to be glamorous fashion icons.

Though Shanghai is almost as far east as one could travel, the city boasted cutting-edge technology and a decidedly Western appearance. Around 1900, there was an immense push in Shanghai to modernize everything. Amenities and advancements born in the West such as elevators, air conditioning, neon lighting and department stores, popped up in Shanghai almost immediately. In 1882, Shanghai was the first city in China to install electric street lighting. The East’s fascination with the West (and vice versa) was perfectly complemented in the Shanghai Girls’ advertisements. The Shanghai Girls flawlessly melded the delicate, painstaking beauty of the East with the trendy, progressive advancements and desires of the West.

When a region seeks to modernize, it’s not unusual for the media to become more provocative in an effort to revise social stigmas and taboos. The Shanghai Girls were a good example of this common trend. The Shanghai Girls advertisements featured beautiful Asian women in vivid, colorful detail. Though the ads were meant to promote products, the ads themselves were works of art. The ads and other paraphernalia were generally reproduced from hand-painted artwork that was signed by the artist who created it. In addition to the beauty of the pieces, advertisers made the most of the motto “sex sells”, by sometimes featuring the ladies in revealing outfits. “Revealing” at that time sometimes meant featuring women in a short, form-fitting chi-pao, or classic Asian one-piece dress. Other ads presented women in even more alluring and provocative clothing.

The challenge to old-fashioned expectations of women didn’t end with the clothing they wore in the advertisements. The women of Shanghai wanted to modernize not only their look, but their freedoms as well. Women were depicted in roles previously unfamiliar in Chinese culture, such as playing a European game of billiards. Until this point, women featured in Chinese paintings appeared in artwork for the sole purpose of being admired by men. In a sense, the women of older paintings suffered a decrease in social status simply by appearing in them. While the Shanghai Girls certainly used their sexual prowess to garner attention, it was on their terms. Instead of being only a pretty face with no real sense of purpose, these modern ladies held the subtle power to mesmerize a multitude of nations.

Carl Crow, a Missouri writer born in 1884, started the first Western advertising agency in Shanghai, which he managed for 19 years of his life. Crow is mostly credited with spearheading the marketing phenomenon of the Shanghai Girls. Crow was also the founding editor of the Shanghai Evening Post, and wrote 13 books during his lifetime. The Shanghai he met upon his arrival in 1911 was not the same Shanghai when he left 25 years later. The enormous economic boom had transformed the city immensely – and Crow had transformed its role in advertising.

Advertising paraphernalia featuring the Shanghai Girls is very popular and collectable. One will find that the women who appear in older Shanghai advertisements from the turn of the 20th century are not nearly as captivating as the ones in the 20’s and 30’s. Additionally, the artwork is not nearly as vibrant and charismatic as its contemporary counterparts. Both original and reproduction advertising products, postcards and posters featuring the Shanghai Girls remain in high demand, even almost 100 years later.

Marble Cleaning And Restoration – Dos And Don’ts To Follow

The metamorphic rock marble is the favorite construction material used on the large scale for building beautiful homes. However, the use is not only limited till residential construction, but corporate offices also make use of this stone for a wonderful interior. During the natural formation process in the quarry, it develops unique pattern that provides it a beautiful look. However, with years of use, the color and pattern start to fade ruining its look. Therefore, regular care and maintenance is required to keep it like new always. Don’t hesitate to call services for Marble Restoration Los Angeles if you find that your marble flooring needs to be worked on.

Here are some dos which you must follow for care and maintenance of marble flooring:


• Clean the floor immediately if any acidic liquid spills over it
• Put mats under hot cookware and dishes before placing them on marble floor or table
• Also put soft cushion under chinaware and cups and other utensils that can scratch the floor
• Clean the surface gently and regularly with special cleaning agents formulated for marble
• If your bathroom has marble flooring then use tray or cases for toiletry products as they may contain chemicals which can harm the floor


• Don’t use bathroom cleaning products as they have acid and they can ruin the natural beauty of the floor
• Don’t use abrasive cleaners for surface cleaning as they can harm the structure
• Don’t ignore regular moping as it cleans the dirt gently
• Don’t use just any cleaner without reading manufacturer’s instructions as some of the cleaners are not meant for marble cleaning but are used for other stone cleaning and restoration
• Don’t hesitate to call a professional for cleaning and restoration process after some years of installation to shield the surface against damage

Any Cnc Shop you visit for marble can also provide you guidance and support for cleaning marble flooring. At times, they also offer needed assistance for marble restoration when you can’t manage things on your own. With effective methods of cleaning and restoration, they ensure your investment is a worth. This professional care and assistance is needed to preserve the natural beauty and color of marble that garners huge appreciation for the flooring made of it. Being expert in handling different types of marbles, the marble dealers help you maintain the beauty of your dream home, which can otherwise fade with time.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Garner State Park This Winter

Once the heat from a brutal Texas summer is blown away by the first arctic fronts, the vacation options begin to change dramatically. As the seasons change, so does the weather and locations that are best to visit. However, one place stays just as charming and beautiful as it always is. With an abundance of wild life, natural beauty, and fortunately for adventurers-less crowds of people, Garner State Park is the perfect winter getaway location. Here are 5 cool things you can do there this winter.

1. Stay inside

Renting a cozy cabin in the winter isn’t always about simply having a place to sleep at night after a day’s worth of adventuring. The cabin itself can be used to relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes during an exceptionally cold day it is best to stay in and relax with a fire watching a good movie or reading a riveting book. Garner state park has single family cabins and larger group or family cabin rentals available.

2. Hiking

Even during the winter time, Texas is still beautiful. The cooler temperatures are perfect for spending a day on the trails exploring. At this state park, there is an abundance of trails to explore and differing wildlife to view during the wintertime. Those with more experience can choose hiking trails that offer more challenging and steep inclines. Frio Canyon trail is 2.8 miles and there are also shorter trails like Blinn River trail that follow the river and are only.5 miles.

3. Canoeing

Even during the winter, the Frio river is available for a fun canoeing trip. Colder temperatures lend themselves to some safety precautions, but during regular cool Texas winter days, the extra peace and quiet of the season is perfect for a canoeing adventure. Pack a picnic lunch and launch into the river at one of many locations. Kayak and Canoe rentals are available from many different vendors, or bring your own!

4. Relax

Winter time is the quieter time for renting a cabin and/or camping. There are less families and the park overall is less crowded. Enjoy some peace and quiet and relax outside by the fire. Barbeque, tell stories, and make up some smores. As long as you plan ahead for severe weather, the cooler temperatures will be refreshing.

5. Camp outside

Unless a cold front is rolling through or there is a strong chance of sleet, ice, or snow, camping is an option year round at the park. Plan ahead of time and make sure to bring electric blankets, wood for a fire, and any other necessities to stay warm in the dead of night.

Even during the winter, there are plenty of things to do at this Texas state park. Bring your gear and a sense of adventure and escape.

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5 Cool Facts to Know About Garner State Park

Would your ideal vacation spot be a perfect natural haven filled with hiking, canoeing, tubing, geocaching, and even dancing? For many the answer is yes, and each year many outdoor enthusiasts choose Garner State Park as their ideal summer destination. Chock full of numerous nature-based activities, loaded with Mother Nature’s wonders, and highlighting the beauty of The Frio River, this state park could be your prime location for summer outdoor adventures as well. Are you unfamiliar with this amazing state park in Uvalde County? Here are 5 cool facts to know about Garner State Park.

1. Location

This beautiful state park is located in Concan, Texas on the southwestern edge of what is known to be the Edwards Plateau in the Balcones Canyonlands. It was created during the Cretaceous age due to fault line activity. Deep cliffs and mesas define this picturesque canyon land and surround clear rivers and streams perfect for fishing, canoeing, and tubing. The location, although visited by many year after year, remains mostly unchanged by human activity. The natural changes that occur due to weathering, flooding, or plant growth are allowed to constantly redefine the landscape without human intervention.

2. Wildlife

Being that the naturalness of this park is preserved as much as possible, much wildlife live and thrive there. Visitors to the park will frequently spot this wild life around them. Squirrels, raccoons, and white-tailed deer are the most common, but more exotic animals exist there too. Look for Rio Grande turkeys and mourning doves amongst a whole selection of various birds. If you are a bird watcher then you are in for a treat. The golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo, both endangered species, nest in the park from spring until summer.

3. The Frio River

Rising from springs as the West Frio River, it promptly joins 2 other tributaries and flows southeast for 200 miles before draining into the Nueces River. The name Frio means cold in Spanish and this name perfectly describes the fresh cool waters that lure swimmers and campers up and down the length of its banks. This river is given a shout-out in the song, “All my Ex’s live in Texas,” by George Strait who grew up in Frio County.

4. Geocaching

Merge the joys of hiking and exploring with a scavenger hunt and you have geocaching. Hundreds of geocaches are hidden throughout the park and can be found using a GPS device or an app on a smart phone with GPS capabilities. The GPS device tells you how far away a geocache is and you must go off searching for it. They can be hidden in trees, under rocks, or even placed behind signs and landmarks. Often times a geocache will house a log book so you can write in your name and claim victory over that treasure forever.

5. Dancing

Back in the 1940’s during summer evenings, people would gather at the park’s concessions building and host a dance. This tradition has survived to this day and the park hosts dances each evening. They are very popular and require early arrival as they fill up quickly.

As you can see, this national park is a wonderful vacation destination filled with wildlife and natural beauty.

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5 Super Fun Things To Do With Your Kid at Garner State Park

Opened in the 1920’s by a family of German immigrants, Garner State Park’s beautiful river and views of the canyons made it the perfect camping location. Today the park is as popular as ever with many visitors choosing the park for their camping destination. With plenty of cabins and campgrounds as well as activities suitable for adults and children alike, this park is perfect for your family vacation. Unsure if your children will enjoy what it has to offer? Here are 5 super fun things to do with your kid at Garner State Park.

1. Geocaching

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt from time to time? Geocaching is scavenger hunting, treasure hunting, and hiking all in one. Armed with a GPS location device, you input the coordinates of a suspected geocache site and set off on foot to find it. This allows plenty of time to hike through the natural beauty of the park and explore. Once you get close you must look under bushes, rocks, or into holes carved in trees, etc for the hidden “treasure” or geocache. It is a huge hit with kids.

2. Swimming

There is no shortage of options for those kids who love to swim. Take them to a watering hole to swim in the fresh and cool waters of the river or challenge them to take a turn hurling themselves into the water using a rope swing.

3. Hiking

There are plenty of trails to explore and get lost in. Your kids will enjoy hiking riverside or climbing in elevation up and through the canyon trails. Make sure to bring supplies and plenty of water to stay hydrated during your excursions. Depending on the age of your children you will want to pick out a suitable hiking distance accordingly.

4. Camping

The are plenty of camping sites to choose from. Most have electric hook-ups so you can camp in a more modern style complete with a few luxuries to keep you comfortable and entertained. There are also fire pits, grills, and picnic tables so you can host a large feast or a get together at your campsite. Sing and play music around the fire or make s’mores to keep the kids happy and laughing.

5. Rent a cabin

The next step up from camping is staying in screened in shelters that provide many of the same hook ups as camping such as covered picnic tables, electricity, access to running water, and a fire pit. However, if you would like to stay in a cabin, there are plenty to choose from. They offer a home away from home feel with amenities such as kitchens with appliances, central air, bedrooms and bathrooms, and fireplaces.

Garner State Park offers everything you need for a fun and natural family vacation. Take your kids and dive into many of the fun activities offered.

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Delhi Hotels: Garnering The Beauty And Luxurious Under One Roof

Delhi, the heart of the nation incorporates a perfect blend of modernity and primeval. Every day millions of people visit the city for different purposes. Some of them come for business while others for leisure. For their welcome and to provide them comfort the city has been bejeweled with plethora of hotels. The hospitality industry understands the needs and requirements of all kind of customers so categorized these hotels on the basis of stars.

The best and premium luxuries hotels have been ranked five stars and others accordingly as two, three, four etc. One can enjoy the stay at any location in Delhi, because the hotels have been nestled in every nook of the city.

Delhi hotels are renowned for the quality service, state-of-art facilities, modern infrastructure and architecture, and above all different luxurious that make a guest to live a king size life. If you too are traveler with great taste and like a bit of sunshine in your life then you should experience of staying in economy Hotel in Delhi. These hotels not only provide excellent accommodation but also take care of your budget. Per day and different packages tariff has been kept low to make it affordable for aristocrats and medium class both.Delhi hotels are renowned for the quality service, state-of-art facilities, modern infrastructure and architecture, and above all different luxurious that make a guest to live a king size life. If you too are traveler with great taste and like a bit of sunshine in your life then you should experience of staying in economy Hotel in Delhi. These hotels not only provide excellent accommodation but also take care of your budget.

Different rooms in the same hotel can also have different prices decided on the facilities incorporating. When a guest book a room online the hotel staff gets to know in advance the arrival and departure timing of the guests. So, they take care of each and everything starting from picking them from the railways stations, bus stops and airports and welcoming with flowers and serving drinks free of cost.

24 hours room service is available to complete to complete their demands as soon as possible. Other services like laundry service, power backup, clubs, multi-cuisines restaurants, game parlors, garners all the luxurious at one place. If a guest is new and is not aware about tourist place of Delhi, then the hotels can also arrange a tourist guide. For guests from abroad language translators and currency exchange services are also there.24 hours room service is available to complete to complete their demands as soon as possible. Other services like laundry service, power backup, clubs, multi-cuisines restaurants, game parlors, garners all the luxurious at one place. If a guest is new and is not aware about tourist place of Delhi, then the hotels can also arrange a tourist guide.

There are many hotel guiding websites to help the people finding the best hotels in Delhi with tariff that suits their budget. You can visit or can directly choose any other you know the best. With online booking you can also avail occasional or festival discounts. Simply making the payment you can sure about the accommodation and comfort stay in hotels during travel in Delhi.

How To Search Property In Lake Como Area?

Property hunting is serious business for ones who love to put money in grand villas and luxurious apartments that give hefty returns. Lake Como is one of the most revered destinations for such property enthusiasts. That said, searching lucrative properties is not an easy task; it requires sweat, attention and dedication as well. A property hunter can employ a number of means to get his hands on a profitable property deal in foreign location. Here are some of the smartest ways to search for property in Lake Como;
Put local links on work
A global property enthusiast has a good network of friends and acquaintances; with world turning into global village with some help from internet and wireless communication, no place is too distant. So, getting the local links at work could be the best thing to keep you updated about upcoming estates. Get in touch with distant relatives, friends and let them know that you are looking forward to shift closer to them. If there will rumors of a lucrative property going up for sale, they will surely love to share it.
Get in touch with local property names
Beside its natural beauty and serene environment, Lake Como is also known for its property boom. Real estate prices may be crumbling world over but Lake Como area still garners great response for its magnificence. In such an environment, there will be no dearth of local real estate companies willing to share information of the picturesque waterfront apartment lake Como about to up for sale. Local property companies keep a keen watch on the properties in the market. However, one should prefer to go only for trusted names in real estate.
Use internet
Nowadays, no research process can be completed without internet. It has vast resources and property listings that can be scoured to search for great deals. Various local companies also maintain websites which carry listings of apartments, cottages, and villas at Lake Como. Going through such listing pages will make you familiar with properties that are up for sale and rent. Social media is also a powerful tool that can be used to find lucrative properties. Reach out to people located in Lake Como locations and see if there is anything they would like to share.
Follow Lake Como celebrities
If you are really hunting for a lavish property, then, follow stars who are also lovers of Lake Como; now, don’t start to stalk them, for it can get you in trouble; use Twitter and Facebook to do it. Madonna, George Clooney, Ronaldinho, Sylvester Stallone and Richard Branson own holiday homes there, and they will certainly share if they are hunting lavish villas and houses for rent Lake Como.

Through these points, you can easily hunt for Lake Como property. In case you only have vacation on your mind, even then you can scour listings of property websites for luxury resorts Lake Como. Leading real estate players also highlight popular adventure and leisure destinations around Lake Como. The information can help greatly in planning a wonderful vacation.

Trends From Pittsburgh’s Beauty Experts

Do you ever look at fashion magazines and wonder if you can pull off the latest beauty trends? Fluhme Beauty experts will explain how you can incorporate high fashion beauty trends into your everyday looks.

Trends From Pittsburgh's Beauty Experts

Our high style fashion icon Harper’s Bazaar released their 2016 trends…we love them! We use these looks on our customers and wanted to share our absolute favorites with you:
The Blue Streak.

Swipe blue hues over your lid for a fresh yet funky look. Choose from marine, cobalt, and pretty pastels. Are you looking to add a little fun color or just a bit of pizzaz to your everyday look? A touch of blue may be just the thing to make your eyes pop.

Go for BOLD

Bold lips are on trend for Spring/Summer 2016. Most popular hues are oranges, corals, and of course juicy apple red. For a supple, luscious look use a gentle sugar scrub first and finish with an iridescent lipstick or gloss for added volume.


We can’t seem to get enough, ever… can you? Glittery lids, glittery nails, we love it all. Wear it loosely all over your lid or for a more subtle look apply a glitter eyeliner for just a hint of sparkle.

On your fingers or toes, try a clear look with a polish glitter overlay atop your favorite lacquer color for added glam!

Lash Out

This year, enhance your natural beauty and freshen your look with lashes! Keep it simple and experience a fresh, bright eyed look without the need for mascara. Stop in to the GLAM Bar for our most glamorous, customized service for a new you this new year!

“Vamp” It Up

A positively delicious look. Contoured cheekbones, matte beautiful skin and blood red lips. A bold, beautiful, on trend look to get you going in 2016.

Bronze and Glow

Dewy, supple, luscious skin is a continuous trend. I mean who wouldn’t mind having this all year long?

Add a hint of pearlescent shimmer and a touch of bronze for a healthy, fresh off the beach glow. You can apply the same principle to your eye-shadow using sunset tones of peach and bronze to add a boost of radiance and warmth!