Sudden Job Change Increased My Risk of Injury

I work in a mine. I normally work as a motorman. That is the person who would run the underground locomotive to move the material in rail cars to the surface. A long inclining slope went into the mine, and a very low train of rail cars that look sort of like big dumpsters would take the ore out of the mine. I switched to a job for a few weeks as a roof bolter, and that caused me to need to see a San Diego chiropractor practically every day I had the job. I went from sitting in a low vehicle pulling a long train of cars behind me to standing and working with my arms over my head most of the day.

By the second day I was as sore as sore could be. Continue reading →

Net Neutrality Threatened by Trump Administration

Tom Wheeler, the former chair of the FCC, used his final speech before stepping down to warn businesses and consumers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be severely limited if the incoming administration strikes down the 2015 open internet order that he and his group put in place. This order positioned the FCC’s net neutrality regulation that prevents Internet Service Providers from slowing or blocking traffic on their networks. This gives all traffic equal opportunity and speed and prevents network favoritism.

Wheeler also showed concern for the Internet of Things, an area of economic growth that is quickly becoming top of mind to many businesses and policy makers in Washington.

“[T]he growth of the internet of things is another area that depends on the open connectivity of those things,” Wheeler said. “If ISPs can decide arbitrarily which IoT device can be connected, or favor their own IoT activity over their competitors, the bright future of IoT dims.” Wheeler continued, “As everything goes into the cloud, the ability to access the cloud free of gatekeepers is essential. If ISPs get to choose which applications and clouds work better than others in terms of access, speed and latency, they will control the cloud future,”.

Wheeler’s position may not be a surprise now but given his past as a lobbyist for the cable and wireless sector his support of net neutrality may come as a shock.

Bill Wilson, a consultant for Broadband Landing, said, “Wheeler may be underplaying the seriousness of the situation. Net Neutrality is the biggest deal that no one really understands. If consumers and small businesses actually realized what the internet would look like after it was bought and sold by large corporations that was be worried. This would be all that was being talked about.”

Wheeler has the same question many businesses do, namely will Trump dismantle a policy that is clearly working? With republicans openly opposed to net neutrality things do seem dire for the policy.

Wheeler’s speech not only acts as a warning to the incoming administration but also clearly attempts to widen the scope of the net neutrality debate as a whole. Consumer impact of the open internet order is almost always the lead in any discussion of net neutrality but here Wheeler’s focus was on the danger to businesses and their increasing use of cloud computing. Interruption or the slowing of these services is a bit more destructive than a video playing slow. Businesses might be required to completely change back office management systems. A company like could have their customer base divided between users that have an ISP that allows their traffic and ISP’s that won’t. Situations of this type could be repeated across many business services. If AT&T buys a firm that provides CMS to sales and marketing groups, it is not unthinkable that they would show preference to this firm over others.

Wheeler specifically calls out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give some companies free access by not charging customers for the data they use. While this isn’t the feared “Fast Lane” net neutrality has been trying to avoid, it may actually be worse.

Wheeler finished his speech with, “It now falls to a new set of regulators, to a new FCC and to those who advocate before it and the Congress to determine the road that they want to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that road. One path leads forward and the other leads back to relitigating solutions that are demonstrably working.”
While the fork in the road analogy fits, it’s actually a bit more drastic than Wheeler makes it seem. One road leads forward and the other leads back a decade and then off a cliff into a hole filled with alligators.

For more information about the largest high speed Internet providers in the United States, you can visit at

My Mom Pushed Me to Get Some Proper Help

I woke up one morning and found myself struggling to get out of bed. After dealing with back problems for so many years, I knew the day would finally come where I couldn’t sit up or stand up on my own. I laid in bed for awhile thinking about what to do. I tried several different ways to get up, but it turned out to be impossible. I was finally able to slide over to the edge to reach my phone to call my mom. She came over immediately, and she suggested a Sacramento chiropractor right away. She had begged me to get help in the past, but I stuck to my guns and did what I wanted to. Doing that got me nowhere, and I was getting worse. Continue reading →

Ten Women Hotter than Paris Hilton

Apparently a lot of people (ahem, guys) think Paris Hilton is hot…which, I guess she is…in a skanky, cheap, sex in public sort of way. I know she is trying to redeem her character after the stint in jail, but I’m not sure how she is accomplishing that by starring in movies like The Hottie & The Nottie (which actually sounds like a porno).

I have to admit that when she tries, Paris can dress in quite a classy fashion. Unfortunately, her nose throws off her entire face, her body is grotesquely thin (will a strong wind just blow her away already?), and her personality is fairly ridiculous—I must admit that I have watched a few episodes of The Simple Life, which probably was overdone, but I still can’t believe some of the crap she pulled or the nonsense that came out of her mouth.

I don’t find Paris Hilton hot. Yes, I know I’m a straight, married woman, but I still appreciate beautiful, hot, sexy, intelligent women. As far as I’m concerned, Paris doesn’t fall into any of these categories—from her physical appearance to her public actions.

So, in honor of the many women who are more beautiful than Paris Hilton, I’m presenting ten gorgeous celebrity women who are hotter than Paris.

The beautiful Ashley Judd.
The beautiful Ashley Judd.
Judd and Bono at an AIDS awareness event.
Judd and Bono at an AIDS awareness event.
Can’t resist Jennifer Garner’s smile.
Can’t resist Jennifer Garner’s smile.
Sexy Jennifer Garner.
Sexy Jennifer Garner.
Charlize Theron is golden.
Charlize Theron is golden.
Sexy, sexy Theron.
Sexy, sexy Theron.
Ashley Judd

This woman isn’t only hot, but she also has a beautiful smile and works towards social justice issues. Working as an actress, Judd began on television shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Sisters (which is when I first discovered this gorgeous lady). She has successfully gone on to do movies, like the thriller Kiss the Girls, the murderous Double Jeopardy, and the romantic comedy Someone Like You.

Beyond her career, Ashley Judd has openly spoken out on women’s rights, rallied and spoken at pro-choice demonstrations, and was appointed Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS advocating AIDS prevention and treatment.

“It’s up to us to take pop culture back and to express quality and dignity for both boys and girls.”-Ashley Judd

“Abstinence, being faithful and correct and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic.” -Ashley Judd
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer has the body of a dancer, which isn’t surprising as she studied ballet for many years. She also has the mind of a scientist, having once majored in chemistry. She is one fabulous woman to look at—both sexy and cute; I think she appeals to both men and women.

Jennifer Garner has successfully acted on stage, television, and the big screen. Garner is most known for her role as Sydney Bristow on the show Alias. Her movies include Pearl Harbor, Elektra, and 13 Going On 30. She formally studied acting at the National Theater Institute where she learned stage combat.

Beautiful, yes, but this woman could also kick your ass. I love strong women, and this is one hell of a strong woman—is there really anything more sexy than that? Watch Jennifer kick ass while dressed in the sexiest outfits.

Jennifer Garner has a fabulous body, putting skimpy bodies like Paris Hilton’s to shame. Honestly, Garner is strong and healthy, making Paris look malnourished and scraggly. There is really no contest that Garner is the winner of hotness here.

“Happiness is your own responsibility.” -Jennifer Garner

“Beauty comes from a life well lived. If you’ve lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frown lines aren’t too bad, what more do you need?” –Jennifer Garner
Charlize Theron

Sexy, smoldering, hot. Charlize Theron has got it going on. This South African actress is breathtakingly gorgeous. Theron began her career as a model, and then moved on to ballet. After injuring her knee, she headed to Hollywood. I knew this woman was hot when she co-starred in The Astronaut’s Wife with Johnny Depp. I’ve been a Johnny Depp fan my entire life, reaching way back into the 21 Jump Street days, so I went to see the movie for a Depp fix. When I found myself as equally enthralled with Theron as I was with Depp, I knew this woman rates high on the hotness factor.

Charlize Theron is also active in social justice causes. She has publicly stated that she won’t get married until same-sex couples have their marriages legally recognized. Theron is involved in women’s rights organizations, and supports animal’s rights—even modeling for PETA ads. That’s right, she is beautiful, hot, and socially aware. Sizzling.

“We don’t go through life with it all being smooth sailing. … We all understand situations where you know it’s swim or drown. It’s a choice you have to make, and sometimes we surprise ourselves, when we actually make that choice and start swimming, with how well we can do it.” –Charlize Theron

“And also it’s a little bit of, the more they say, `No, you can’t,’ the more you say, `No, you know what? Yes, I can.’” –Charlize Theron

Halle’s sexy shot.
Halle’s sexy shot.
Halle’s beauty shot.
Halle’s beauty shot.
The gorgeous Michell Pfeiffer.
The gorgeous Michell Pfeiffer.
Michelle Pfeiffer exudes sexiness.
Michelle Pfeiffer exudes sexiness.
Halle Berry

Halle Berry was a fashion model and a beauty queen, but is now famous for her acting roles. She has played a variety of roles, from a drug user to a slave to a murderous vixen—her acting range is long and varied. Halle has a beautiful, delicate features with a fabulously warm smile. Her body is hotter than lava, and she can shake it.

Halle Berry is sexy without even trying. From the politically charged Bulworth to the electrifying X-Men movies to the disturbingly sexy Perfect Stranger, Halle can take on a lot of different characters while maintaining her status of one of the hottest women in the world.

“Before you go alter body, do some research and find out how many women have major life-threatening complications from nose jobs. Ask about how many nose jobs gone terribly wrong, and if you thought your face was wrong before, look what happens after. The more we start augmenting our bodies, the more and more we start to look alike, then nobody is special anymore.” –Halle Berry

“Blackness is a state of mind and I identify with the black community. Mainly, because I realized, early on, when I walk into a room, people see a black woman, they don’t see a white women. So out of that reason alone, I identify more with the black community.” –Halle Berry

Michelle Pfeiffer

Honestly, Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the pillars in Hollywood. She has acted in almost every kind of movie and worked with just about every power player in the industry. Everything Pfeiffer does is hot. Definitely more beautiful than Paris, Pfeiffer also has something else Paris doesn’t have: amazing acting talent.

This award-winning actress is stunningly gorgeous. But she is more than just a pretty face. Pfeiffer goes out of her way to try to land acting roles that take her out of the usual “pretty girl” roles.

“Like all parents, my husband and I just do the best we can, hold our breath and hope we’ve set aside enough money for our kid’s therapy.” –Michelle Pfeiffer

“Somewhere along the line I made the switch and was able to look at the bight side rather than the dark side all the time. Now I look at everything I have and think how lucky I am.” –Michelle Pfeiffer

Sultry Salma Hayek.
Sultry Salma Hayek.
Sexy hot Salma.
Sexy hot Salma.
Sizzling Rachel McAdams
Sizzling Rachel McAdams
McAdams: Sexy and Sleek
McAdams: Sexy and Sleek
Salma Hayek

This award-winning, Mexican-American actress is sultry and hot. She isn’t a classical beauty, but this only makes her sexier. Hayek also comes off as a strong, opinionated woman in her movies, but also as herself. A woman who speaks her mind and has strong beliefs is a lot sexier than a stereotypical blonde who can’t even open her own mail.

Hayek is a strong advocate of stopping violence against women. She has testified before the U.S. Senate Committee in support of the Violence Against Women Act. She’s also donated to battered women’s shelters and groups working to end domestic violence in both the United States and Mexico.

“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.” –Salma Hayek

“No woman has to be a victim of physical abuse. Women have to feel like they are not alone.” –Salma Hayek

Rachel McAdams

This lady brings a fresh face of beauty to Hollywood. She looks amazing no matter what style she takes on—from blonde to redhead to brunette to pink highlights, she is gorgeous no matter what. McAdams has acted in comedies, thrillers, and romantic tear jerkers. I love that she can transform herself for any role.

She can play the nice girl or the bitch, but she tends to only play roles of strong, independent women. McAdams seems to be in control of her life, only taking roles she seems to want, and turning down roles that might be good for career, she does what she wants. Although she has appeared nude and topless in some movies, she still reserves her right to turn down nude scenes.

Hot, sexy, and strong—Rachel McAdams is ridiculously charming.

“It’s really nice to have opportunities to do things that are so diverse. It’s so easy when you start out, especially at a young age, to get pigeonholed into certain types of roles. So it’s just been great to have that kind of variety available to me.” –Rachel McAdams

“I’ve discovered as I’ve grown up that life is far more complicated than you think it is when you’re a kid. It isn’t just a straightforward fairytale.” –Rachel McAdams

Lauren Graham’s smoldering eyes.
Lauren Graham’s smoldering eyes.
Graham is simply sexy.
Graham is simply sexy.
Jennifer Love Hewitt: Sexy in White
Jennifer Love Hewitt: Sexy in White
JHL sexy in nothing.
JHL sexy in nothing.
Cute, chic, sexy Mandy Moore.
Cute, chic, sexy Mandy Moore.
Moore is adorable, but super hot.
Moore is adorable, but super hot.
Lauren Graham

This sexy actress has been on television (notably in her role as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls), but has also been in a lot of movies—from naughty Santa’s helpers to being married to a modern day Noah (as in Noah’s Arc). She’s performed on stage, and isn’t afraid of doing independent films.

Most of all, this woman can play some amazingly intelligent women while still looking gorgeous. Her role as Lorelai Gilmore, a single mother who had her daughter at the age of 16, was a fast talking, pop-culture loving, fashionable woman that not just anyone could pull off. Graham is often cast in “good girl” roles, but her sultry sexiness still shines through.

She has a classy kind of beauty. Plus, she votes—and that is hot.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more liberal, and my father is increasingly conservative. It’s so shocking to me because I always thought we had the same politics. The day I realized we voted for different presidents, I practically fell out of my chair.” –Lauren Graham

“Perspective is the most important thing to have in life.” –Lauren Graham

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I actually didn’t recognize how pretty this actress was until the last year or so. I guess she just seemed like a little teeny bopper, but she has grown into a beautiful woman. She has a gorgeous smile, fabulous laugh, and one hell of a shapely body. In fact, Paris Hilton looks like a washed up clown next to this vivacious young woman.

From starring in the television series Party of Five to being stalked by menacing killers in the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies, JLH has become a well-known actress. Her recent clash with the media, who attacked her body, has only made her sexier. A woman who can look hot, and stand up to say she is proud of the way she looks is amazing.

Rather than having a partying stick figure as a role model, hopefully girls will look towards a beautiful, strong-minded woman who is always bubbly and smiling.

“There’s a difference between wanting to be respected and being a strong female and being known for being able to do things, but still very much wanting guys to open the door, wanting them to ask us out, still bringing flowers and stuff like that.” –Jennifer Love Hewitt

“I’d rather be the girl-next-door than hear. ‘Oh, there’s the ho-bag.’” –Jennifer Love Hewitt

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore started at as a bit of bip bop teeny bop—but has developed in one hot, curvaceous woman. She has been successful as both a singer and an actress, and she is also a songwriter.

That’s right: she’s beautiful, and has talent. Moore has even launched her own fashion line, so this is one business savvy woman. She isn’t just into being famous; she wants to be successful.

Moore has openly talked about the pressure for women in Hollywood, and women everywhere, to be skinny. She insists that she’s happy with her body, feeling it is better to be healthy than fit into a certain size. How hot is that?

Have you looked at her pictures? This girl is hot! And beautiful. And, apparently, smart. Paris is being beat down. Oh yeah.

“I’m not comfortable doing that. You shouldn’t send that message out that tight clothes are what get you the attention. If it works for them, fine. But, it’s not for me.” –Mandy Moore

“My body is changing. I just got boobs, and I now have hips. I’m like a size 6 or 8 now, and I like the way I look. I’m proud of it.” –Mandy Moore

The Beauty Of Pool – A Close Up Of The 8 Best Players In The Carolinas

North Carolina Is Legendary

in the world of pool. There are so many brilliantly talented players living in the region that it is difficult to pick a top eight. However, I believe that I can put together an accurate compilation that does some justice to the deserving. These are my personal picks and you are welcome to offer your suggestions if you have one in the comments section. I hope you enjoy.
The Region
#8 – Tony “Tyson” Morrison

When I moved to this area, one of the first people I was warned to steer clear of was Tony “Tyson” Morrison. He was short in stature, but built like a beast. He was also a trash talker, and he was good at it. It didn’t take me long to see that the warning I was given was a good one. Not only did he talk a good game, he could back it up. He had one of the smoothest strokes I’ve ever seen, and even past his prime with dwindling confidence, his accuracy was second to only a very few men in this world of ours. He played with a beautiful combination of power and precision, which added a certain spice to the game that you don’t often see. Our personalities were distinctly different, but any fan of the game of pool could do little but admire a man with so much skill and heart. His list of accomplishments include hundreds of tournament wins and coming in the money in the US Open at least once. Sadly, “Tyson’s” life was cut short in a tragic motorcycle accident last year. I thought to replace him on this list for a brief moment, but thought better of it. As long as there is a hub pages, there will always be at least one memorial to his life and accomplishments. Rest in peace, old friend.
The latest from Predator
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#7 – BJ Ussery

This young man was beating some of the best in the world during the early part of this century. A native of High Point, NC area, he was ranked in the top 100 in the world at one time. He is fierce at the table, gritting his teeth until you are sure they are going to break. No matter how he holds his jaw, he swings his pool stick in dead stroke. BJ told me he once played a pro in a tournament in Florida in which he got a shot in the second rack and broke and ran the set out. Can you imagine breaking and running ten racks in a row? Mr. Ussery not only did it, he did it in competition against a champion. He has won a few professional tournaments, and has had a few quality finishes in the US Open. He still competes on the local tours, but now spends the majority of his time playing poker.
#6 – Keith Bennett

Here is another name that you won’t know if you are not an insider in the world of pool. Keith is the nemesis of BJ Ussery, and another unknown to the general public. He is legendary in an area full of legends and lives in Fayetteville, NC. Keith has won many semi-pro events on the “Great Southern Billiards Tour”. I do not have any knowledge of his winning a professional event. However, he did beat one of the Filipinos at this years US Open for a few thousand dollars. Mr. Bennett would probably be classified as a hustler, but that does not take anything away from his skills on the table. When he is in gear, he can run out with the best in the world.
#5 – Larry Nevel

Here is another player that is well known around the country. His break is considered by many to be as good as any player in the world, and better than most. “The Truth”, as he is known in billiards circles, resides in Greenville, SC, but hales from Wisconsin. As far as accolades go, Mr Nevel is the 13 time Wisconsin state champion along with a host of other titles and victories. Most notably, he was the World All Around Champion in 2003. Recently, he competed at this years US Open shortly after being in a major car accident. He performed pretty well considering his condition. Although he did not make it to the finals, you have to respect a guy with that much gumption. On a different note, I have had the pleasure of playing a bit of pool with this man. Contrary to some folks opinion, he was an absolute gentleman at the table.
# 4 – “Little” Tony Watson

Tony Watson is a name you probably will not have heard unless you are a billiards enthusiast. He is not a sponsored player, nor do you find very much information when you look for him on the internet. However, this unknown legend is a giant slayer in the game of pool. You’ll find him playing in the green rooms at the major tournaments around the country, drilling the pros to the wall and taking their money. This year I watched him play Jason Klatt a race to 11 for $4000 at Cue Masters in Chesapeake, Va, during the US Open Championships. The “Little” animal out of Hickory, NC demolished the Canadian Champion with a savage break and lethal accuracy. Klatt did not make many mistakes, but “Little Tony’s” finesse and power combination was just too much for him to handle. If you enjoy watching the best in the world, take the opportunity to watch him play. You’ll be glad that you did.
#3 – Josh Roberts

Josh Roberts is one of the best one pocket players in the south eastern United States right now. He has developed a skill level so high that he is gambling for high stakes with some of the best one pocket players in the world. He’s just about as good at 9-ball. I’ve seen this guy shoot more than once and it’s impressive to watch. His stroke is straight as an arrow and he rarely misses a ball. His skill with cue ball position is just as good, which makes him a dangerous opponent for anyone. Last I heard he was playing for big money against Scott Frost, one of the best one pocket player in the country. If that doesn’t tell you how good the kid is, nothing will.

Most recently, he has had a series of cashes in a number of pro and semi pro tournaments. He was playing the infamous Richie Richeson at some point for substantial cash, as well as a host of other major players. His repertoire is growing, and you may well see this man’s name at the top of the charts one day.
Maybe a Joss is more to your liking
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#2 – Shannon Daulton

This fellow here is well known competitor in the sport. Shannon’s major victories include winning the Legends of One Pocket Billiards three times, World All Around Champion, and a slew of other events. Mr Daulton is also a member of the One Pocket Hall of Fame, a prestigious group if ever there was one in the game of pool. I’ve watched him compete on a number of occasions. His precision rivals the best in the world, besting a number of them.

Born in Columbia, SC, he now resides in Simpsonville, SC. Although S.D. still competes in major events, Mr. Daulton has created a semi-pro tour named “The Great Southern Billiards Tour” that has tour stops across the SE United States. “The Cannon” is not only a very talented pool player, he is also an absolute gentleman. The game of pool needs more characters with as much class as he brings to the table.
The Pearl
#1 – Earl Strickland

The 8 time World Champion, Earl Strickland, has called the region home most of his life. Born in Roseboro, NC in 1961, he lived in the same area for the better part of the next 50 years. Most recently, Mr Strickland has taken his game to the big apple to be the house player at Steinway Billiards in New York, New York. Even though I haven’t seen him since he left, the guys who have say he has received a warm welcome from the folks there. Based on their accounts, he stays in action and can get it done as well as anyone in the world.

Earl Strickland will always be considered one of the finest minds to ever grace the cloth.This man was once considered the most feared player alive. He has performed in just about every possible venue on Earth, and has beaten just about every one who plays his game at one time or another. Even through his high tempered rants and tournament fiascoes, Earl will be forever enshrined in the minds of billiards fans the world over for the amazing things he can do on the felt. His passion and precision are a thrill to watch. Thank you for giving us so many amazing memories, champ.

Beautiful Anchors Like Hot Fox New Molly Line Aren’t Just Legs And A Pretty Face

Who’s That Girl?

In addition to being the title of a really bad Madonna song, that phrase has passed the lips of many a man (and a few women) when they first saw the beautiful Molly Line on Fox News Channel – myself included.

My second question about the sharp-looking, professional, and intelligent Miss Molly was, “Is she single?”

I will give you the lowdown on this relatively young, but surprisingly experienced, reporter/personality/could-be model, Molly Line.
Molly Line’s Pretty Face and Sexy Vibe Make Her an Upstart
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Gee, I wonder if Molly Line is single? What do think?The beautiful and sexy Molly LineMolly Line looks both beautiful and professional
Gee, I wonder if Molly Line is single? What do think?
Gee, I wonder if Molly Line is single? What do think?
Molly Line Doing Panel Interview on “Fox and Friends”

In the picture below, an easygoing and carefree Molly Line cuts loose with another gorgeous babe, Jennifer Garner.

Let’s be honest, Steve Doocy and Kirby Couch Guy aren’t needed in this segment. I get mad when idiots like those two clowns interrupt a smart gal like Molly. And it happens all the time. She’s the new kid, but she is already better than any other reporter on any other station, regardless of political affiliations.

Anyhow, the photo below is a perfect example of how Molly Line stands out in crowd. She can’t help that she’s gorgeous.
Check out Molly Line showing off those sweet legs here with Jennifer Garner
Check out Molly Line showing off those sweet legs here with Jennifer Garner | Source
Is Molly Line Married or Single?

Thought I would get this out of the way, in case her marital status determines whether you’ll read on or click away.

Well, I got bad news for you delusional guys who think you might have a shot with this hottie.

She was married on July 21st, 2012 in Jackson, New Hampshire. Probably to a guy three times as cool and rich and handsome as any of us reading (or writing) about her. We can still put her in the fantasy rolodex and dare to dream, though, right?
Molly Line’s Professional Career In A Nutshell

Molly Line joined Fox News Channel as a Boston-based correspondent in January 2006. She worked in smaller markets before hitting the air on the cable news channel

After graduating with a B.A. in Communications and Political Science, Molly started in journalism as a photographer/reporter at WDTV in Bridgeport, WV from 1999-2000.

She then served as an anchor/reporter at WXXA in Albany, NY from 2000-2002.

Then before joining Bill O’Reilly and the gang at Fox, she worked as an anchor for WFXF, a Boston affiliate, from 2002-2005.

Who’s Hotter?
Which of these three super-pretty, sexy, and magnetic women do you like best?

Ginger Zee – GMA’s weekend weather gal
Jenna Lee – The girl next door on Fox News
Molly Line – Jenna’s co-worker on Fox News

See results without voting
I Would Love to See Ginger Zee and Molly Line Together

On the same show.

Not in a naked, girl on girl naked embrace. Unless you have that somewhere?
Molly Line: Beauty Queen

Sometimes I can’t help but comment on the hot women I see on TV. When no one’s in earshot, some of my comments can get a little raunchy. Like “I would pay $100 for a naked photo of Jenna Lee.”

Others are flattering, but still sexist, like: “Did you see Ginger Zee in that high cut dress. She is smoking hot!”

When I first saw Molly Line, it was a close up of her from the shoulders up. So it was a huge HD image of her perfectly sculpted face, and deep grey-blue eyes. I hadn’t even seen those long, smooth legs or that modest, firm chest yet.

Still, her beauty prompted me to exclaim, “She so classically pretty, like an old Hollywood movie star. Seriously she could be an actress or model. Molly Line is a real beauty.”

Well, it turns out that she used to compete on the pageant circuit: a real beauty queen! I will shut up now, and let the video of Molly Line doing some hula-type belly dancing speak for itself. You will be amazed at how Molly Line moves that lovely body across the stage.
A Young, Limber, Molly Line Hula Dances In Beauty Pageant
Sensual Molly Line Loves Her Pussy Cats
And I love her cat as well
And I love her cat as well | Source
Molly Has One Sweet Pussy…

…cat that is!

Like myself, Miss Line and I share a love for all things feline.

I spoil my precious pussies. Only way to keep ’em happy. Catnip is one way to get that Kitty relaxed, and purring.

seriously, you are going to see all lots more of Mali

in the future. Hopefully she does some more belly dancing and modeling work. She has an excellent body really nice long legs and very supple firm feet.

I don’t like the way some people objectify the women of Fox News. They constantly refer them as babes.

Many post various upskirt photos, and YouTube videos of them crossing and uncrossing their legs, attempting to get a shot of their panties.

That being said, I would however like to see now, we wind a very tasteful Playboy spread.

I just feel she has a fabulous form and she should be proud of that body, and while she is still young showcase it in a men’s magazine.

I believe this would increase her popularity by exposing her to a whole new audience of the man that enjoys a beautiful woman.

There is no shame in flaunting what you have, whether you’re serious news anchor or a biker chick or soccer mom.

The Importance Of The Perfume Bottle

A perfume bottle can mean many things to many people. But in business terms perfume bottles can make or break your products success. Some people may think that it is a minor detail in the big picture, a mere feather in the crown of the booming perfume industry. But there is truly so much more to perfume bottles than just what meets the eye.

At its most basic, a perfume bottle is a mere receptacle. Most people would agree that “it’s what’s inside that counts.” This is true. But even if you have the best quality of product in any form, if it is encapsulated in grime or an unattractive container, no one will buy it. In order for a perfume to smell good, it has to look good first.

The perfume bottle is the initiator of customer loyalty. Before the customer sprays some liquid on his or her pulse points or sniffs the aroma in the air, he or she will first have to be attracted to the perfume bottle’s design.

Perfume bottles communicate different moods. Formal people will enjoy rigid designs and subtle classic colors, whilst younger females are more likely to love those in bright pinks and voluptuously shaped containers.

The bottle must not just represent the company which made the perfume, it must also mirror the target market’s desires and aspirations. You cannot expect a perfume bottle designed for corporate people to be something that will get the teenager’s attention. Nor can you expect pastel-colored and eccentrically shaped perfume bottles to generate the approving eye of more conservative groups.

Placing the bottle amidst a sea of others in a department store or A-line boutique is like entering your perfume in a beauty pageant, and rooting for it to garner first place in the hearts of perfume aficionados. The perfume bottle is the ambassadress of the perfume brand. It will represent not just one product, but the entire line of products that are associated with who produced that perfume bottle’s contents.

Nonetheless, a perfume bottle is still a receptacle, so it must also maintain its functionality despite all the variations it can come in. A strong base to keep it standing and some symmetry and material that will preserve the scent for prolonged storage periods is also something that customers will want to see.

The Shanghai Girls Advertising Posters

“The Shanghai Girls” is a term for a particular style of advertising from the 1920’s and 1930’s that depicted very modern, beautiful women from Shanghai, China. These posters advertised a wide variety of products, including cigarettes, gum, batteries, perfume, medicine and many others. Shanghai experienced a population boom in the 1920’s, when thousands of Russians and Jewish immigrants fled the Soviet Union after World War I. By the early 1930’s, Shanghai had become the world’s fifth largest city, and was the residence of approximately 100,000 foreigners. The eyes of the world were on the city, and Shanghai became known as the “news capital of China” due to an increased world interest in the Far East and mounting concern regarding the West’s relations with Japan. The intrigue regarding this distant land may have influenced the incredible popularity of the Shanghai Girls’ ads of the early 20th century. Shanghai was also known to be a pioneer in the fashion industry, and the Shanghai Girls were considered to be glamorous fashion icons.

Though Shanghai is almost as far east as one could travel, the city boasted cutting-edge technology and a decidedly Western appearance. Around 1900, there was an immense push in Shanghai to modernize everything. Amenities and advancements born in the West such as elevators, air conditioning, neon lighting and department stores, popped up in Shanghai almost immediately. In 1882, Shanghai was the first city in China to install electric street lighting. The East’s fascination with the West (and vice versa) was perfectly complemented in the Shanghai Girls’ advertisements. The Shanghai Girls flawlessly melded the delicate, painstaking beauty of the East with the trendy, progressive advancements and desires of the West.

When a region seeks to modernize, it’s not unusual for the media to become more provocative in an effort to revise social stigmas and taboos. The Shanghai Girls were a good example of this common trend. The Shanghai Girls advertisements featured beautiful Asian women in vivid, colorful detail. Though the ads were meant to promote products, the ads themselves were works of art. The ads and other paraphernalia were generally reproduced from hand-painted artwork that was signed by the artist who created it. In addition to the beauty of the pieces, advertisers made the most of the motto “sex sells”, by sometimes featuring the ladies in revealing outfits. “Revealing” at that time sometimes meant featuring women in a short, form-fitting chi-pao, or classic Asian one-piece dress. Other ads presented women in even more alluring and provocative clothing.

The challenge to old-fashioned expectations of women didn’t end with the clothing they wore in the advertisements. The women of Shanghai wanted to modernize not only their look, but their freedoms as well. Women were depicted in roles previously unfamiliar in Chinese culture, such as playing a European game of billiards. Until this point, women featured in Chinese paintings appeared in artwork for the sole purpose of being admired by men. In a sense, the women of older paintings suffered a decrease in social status simply by appearing in them. While the Shanghai Girls certainly used their sexual prowess to garner attention, it was on their terms. Instead of being only a pretty face with no real sense of purpose, these modern ladies held the subtle power to mesmerize a multitude of nations.

Carl Crow, a Missouri writer born in 1884, started the first Western advertising agency in Shanghai, which he managed for 19 years of his life. Crow is mostly credited with spearheading the marketing phenomenon of the Shanghai Girls. Crow was also the founding editor of the Shanghai Evening Post, and wrote 13 books during his lifetime. The Shanghai he met upon his arrival in 1911 was not the same Shanghai when he left 25 years later. The enormous economic boom had transformed the city immensely – and Crow had transformed its role in advertising.

Advertising paraphernalia featuring the Shanghai Girls is very popular and collectable. One will find that the women who appear in older Shanghai advertisements from the turn of the 20th century are not nearly as captivating as the ones in the 20’s and 30’s. Additionally, the artwork is not nearly as vibrant and charismatic as its contemporary counterparts. Both original and reproduction advertising products, postcards and posters featuring the Shanghai Girls remain in high demand, even almost 100 years later.

Marble Cleaning And Restoration – Dos And Don’ts To Follow

The metamorphic rock marble is the favorite construction material used on the large scale for building beautiful homes. However, the use is not only limited till residential construction, but corporate offices also make use of this stone for a wonderful interior. During the natural formation process in the quarry, it develops unique pattern that provides it a beautiful look. However, with years of use, the color and pattern start to fade ruining its look. Therefore, regular care and maintenance is required to keep it like new always. Don’t hesitate to call services for Marble Restoration Los Angeles if you find that your marble flooring needs to be worked on.

Here are some dos which you must follow for care and maintenance of marble flooring:


• Clean the floor immediately if any acidic liquid spills over it
• Put mats under hot cookware and dishes before placing them on marble floor or table
• Also put soft cushion under chinaware and cups and other utensils that can scratch the floor
• Clean the surface gently and regularly with special cleaning agents formulated for marble
• If your bathroom has marble flooring then use tray or cases for toiletry products as they may contain chemicals which can harm the floor


• Don’t use bathroom cleaning products as they have acid and they can ruin the natural beauty of the floor
• Don’t use abrasive cleaners for surface cleaning as they can harm the structure
• Don’t ignore regular moping as it cleans the dirt gently
• Don’t use just any cleaner without reading manufacturer’s instructions as some of the cleaners are not meant for marble cleaning but are used for other stone cleaning and restoration
• Don’t hesitate to call a professional for cleaning and restoration process after some years of installation to shield the surface against damage

Any Cnc Shop you visit for marble can also provide you guidance and support for cleaning marble flooring. At times, they also offer needed assistance for marble restoration when you can’t manage things on your own. With effective methods of cleaning and restoration, they ensure your investment is a worth. This professional care and assistance is needed to preserve the natural beauty and color of marble that garners huge appreciation for the flooring made of it. Being expert in handling different types of marbles, the marble dealers help you maintain the beauty of your dream home, which can otherwise fade with time.

5 Cool Things You Can Do In Garner State Park This Winter

Once the heat from a brutal Texas summer is blown away by the first arctic fronts, the vacation options begin to change dramatically. As the seasons change, so does the weather and locations that are best to visit. However, one place stays just as charming and beautiful as it always is. With an abundance of wild life, natural beauty, and fortunately for adventurers-less crowds of people, Garner State Park is the perfect winter getaway location. Here are 5 cool things you can do there this winter.

1. Stay inside

Renting a cozy cabin in the winter isn’t always about simply having a place to sleep at night after a day’s worth of adventuring. The cabin itself can be used to relax, unwind, and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes during an exceptionally cold day it is best to stay in and relax with a fire watching a good movie or reading a riveting book. Garner state park has single family cabins and larger group or family cabin rentals available.

2. Hiking

Even during the winter time, Texas is still beautiful. The cooler temperatures are perfect for spending a day on the trails exploring. At this state park, there is an abundance of trails to explore and differing wildlife to view during the wintertime. Those with more experience can choose hiking trails that offer more challenging and steep inclines. Frio Canyon trail is 2.8 miles and there are also shorter trails like Blinn River trail that follow the river and are only.5 miles.

3. Canoeing

Even during the winter, the Frio river is available for a fun canoeing trip. Colder temperatures lend themselves to some safety precautions, but during regular cool Texas winter days, the extra peace and quiet of the season is perfect for a canoeing adventure. Pack a picnic lunch and launch into the river at one of many locations. Kayak and Canoe rentals are available from many different vendors, or bring your own!

4. Relax

Winter time is the quieter time for renting a cabin and/or camping. There are less families and the park overall is less crowded. Enjoy some peace and quiet and relax outside by the fire. Barbeque, tell stories, and make up some smores. As long as you plan ahead for severe weather, the cooler temperatures will be refreshing.

5. Camp outside

Unless a cold front is rolling through or there is a strong chance of sleet, ice, or snow, camping is an option year round at the park. Plan ahead of time and make sure to bring electric blankets, wood for a fire, and any other necessities to stay warm in the dead of night.

Even during the winter, there are plenty of things to do at this Texas state park. Bring your gear and a sense of adventure and escape.

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5 Cool Facts to Know About Garner State Park

Would your ideal vacation spot be a perfect natural haven filled with hiking, canoeing, tubing, geocaching, and even dancing? For many the answer is yes, and each year many outdoor enthusiasts choose Garner State Park as their ideal summer destination. Chock full of numerous nature-based activities, loaded with Mother Nature’s wonders, and highlighting the beauty of The Frio River, this state park could be your prime location for summer outdoor adventures as well. Are you unfamiliar with this amazing state park in Uvalde County? Here are 5 cool facts to know about Garner State Park.

1. Location

This beautiful state park is located in Concan, Texas on the southwestern edge of what is known to be the Edwards Plateau in the Balcones Canyonlands. It was created during the Cretaceous age due to fault line activity. Deep cliffs and mesas define this picturesque canyon land and surround clear rivers and streams perfect for fishing, canoeing, and tubing. The location, although visited by many year after year, remains mostly unchanged by human activity. The natural changes that occur due to weathering, flooding, or plant growth are allowed to constantly redefine the landscape without human intervention.

2. Wildlife

Being that the naturalness of this park is preserved as much as possible, much wildlife live and thrive there. Visitors to the park will frequently spot this wild life around them. Squirrels, raccoons, and white-tailed deer are the most common, but more exotic animals exist there too. Look for Rio Grande turkeys and mourning doves amongst a whole selection of various birds. If you are a bird watcher then you are in for a treat. The golden-cheeked warbler and black-capped vireo, both endangered species, nest in the park from spring until summer.

3. The Frio River

Rising from springs as the West Frio River, it promptly joins 2 other tributaries and flows southeast for 200 miles before draining into the Nueces River. The name Frio means cold in Spanish and this name perfectly describes the fresh cool waters that lure swimmers and campers up and down the length of its banks. This river is given a shout-out in the song, “All my Ex’s live in Texas,” by George Strait who grew up in Frio County.

4. Geocaching

Merge the joys of hiking and exploring with a scavenger hunt and you have geocaching. Hundreds of geocaches are hidden throughout the park and can be found using a GPS device or an app on a smart phone with GPS capabilities. The GPS device tells you how far away a geocache is and you must go off searching for it. They can be hidden in trees, under rocks, or even placed behind signs and landmarks. Often times a geocache will house a log book so you can write in your name and claim victory over that treasure forever.

5. Dancing

Back in the 1940’s during summer evenings, people would gather at the park’s concessions building and host a dance. This tradition has survived to this day and the park hosts dances each evening. They are very popular and require early arrival as they fill up quickly.

As you can see, this national park is a wonderful vacation destination filled with wildlife and natural beauty.

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